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October 6, 2009
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Talking to Strangers cover by fuurin Talking to Strangers cover by fuurin
This is the cover art for Talking to Strangers, an anthology of short stories written by Fehed Said, and illustrated by various artists.

Here's an abstract from the press release:

A girl trapped in a box, a boy chained to a rock and a friendship between a child and a flower. These are just a few of the themes that storyteller Fehed Said explores in this collection. Joining Fehed Said, the acclaimed writer behind SLG’s Clarence Principle, and Sonia Leong, the award winning artist behind SMH’s Romeo & Juliet is a sterling lineup of the UK’s best new talent. Featuring artwork from Nana Li, Wing Yun Man, Chloe Citrine and Faye Yong.

It's been over a year since I drew this now, it's great to finally be able to show it. :)

EDIT (11/02/2010):
Wow, thanks for the Daily deviation!! :heart::heart::heart: If anyone wants to pick up the book you can get it here: [link]
I've got a short comic called Box in it but there are some wonderful stories drawn by other artists as well, so by all means, check it out! :)
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Daily Deviation

Given 2010-02-11
When I was suggested Talking to Strangers cover by ~fuurin I was blown away! As the suggester said, this is "absolutely a wonderful piece, beautiful evocative colours, excellent use of perspective warping, and amazing technical skills!" and I couldn't agree more! This is a lovely piece! ( Suggested by JunoSoldier and Featured by Damaged927 )
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Beautiful, nice use of fish-eye perspective. The colour really aides the mood. Think I've seen you on Sweat Drop...
ashpawstar Oct 17, 2011
how do you draw like that?
nice perspective! :love:
you are a very good artist!!
kishiko-kei Oct 27, 2010
Great perspective :heart:
nami-naito Jun 12, 2010   Writer
This looks AMAZING!! *A* All the little details...WOW!!
veracitybugsme Apr 24, 2010
This some how reminds me of a game from Square Enix called The World Ends with You
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