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Submitted on
December 1, 2006


I got a mail from TokyoPop this morning... Apparently they made a last mintue revision of the final 15 for RSoM UK and I didn't make the cut, probably just before they're starting the online voting.

It's quite disappointing since I thought I'd be up for the online voting at least but now get these last minute results. At the same time I'm very grateful that they considered me for the top 15 initially. I feel for all those who didn't get to know just how close they were.
Having come so far with my first comic just motivates me to work harder. I don't think I have the skills to create comics smoothly yet and it's something I should work on before I'm worthy of winning something like rsom.
I guess this has given me some more time. If I had, against all assumptions, made it into the book this time it would've been so much harder to focus on uni which really should be first priority right now, or at least passing exams.

In the end I think I'm taking it quite well. There had been some indications that this would be the turn-out so I'm not completely caught off guard. Also it seemed just a little bit too good to be true to have my first manga do so well, I guess it was haha...
Anyways, I'm hanging in there and TP can expect to hear from me again! ^^
  • Mood: Unhappy
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Aaah, I'm really sorry you didn't make it >.< I think you're style is awesome, so I'm disappointed you didn't get it.

I'll be rooting for you in the future D:
lainnocence Dec 7, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
So incredibly rude of them!!! To be honest I'm extremely dissapointed with Tokyopop UK and their lack of professionalism. They handled the whole RSOM terribly so far (Letting a plagarist win and now this..?)
What a mess o__O; It's making people not want to enter...

If only people had as much respect for mangaka here like they do in America T__T...

At least you made it far enough to be considered top 15, I'm very happy for you! Continue drawing your best! I want to see your RSOM entry now xD...
Haahh yeah things don't always turn out the way you want.. but I'm happy I made it as far as I did and I'm definately doing it again next year! :nod:
I want to improve but... no time to draw... T__T
Did you enter this year?
lainnocence Dec 9, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Nope I didn't enter XD I lost my entry when my computer died...
But I don't think it would have got very far since it was too mature-themed, the story ended up being about an incestous ...;
Kai-Doh Dec 3, 2006
I know how u feel, I just say to myself just keep improving n try again as the thing u want will be gained lol sounds corny i know XD
Nooooooooo but yours way amaaazing :cry:

Are they allowed to suddenly change their mind?
It's their contest... XD
I think the reason had to do with the topic more than the quality... I was told that they liked my work though and that they'd love to see a pitch from me or another entry next year. I think they would remember me if I entered next year, at which point I probably should avoid the whole war thing.. ^^;
kurokumo Dec 2, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Ah, sorry to hear such disappointing news...I was looking forward to voting for you (er...I still had no net when the voting started so couldn't actually do so in the end anyway ^^''') and I was pretty sure you would be one of the winners, your entry was by far the best entry out of the lot, really.

Having your very first completed comic reach the status of RSOM finalist is already such a big step, I know that in the future you'll become even more successful, and the judges would be fools NOT to pick you as a winner next time.

You're taking this surprisingly well and being very sensible about the whole thing, I congratulate you even if it's for that alone! You are a brilliant artist and have the potential and skills to become pro~ Wish you all the best for the future~
Aww thank you! :heart: It amazes to hear that there are people who actually wanted to vote for me! To me it always seemed like I just scraped past the top 15 limit... ^^; When I found out about the cut a part of my mind was thinking "Aha they've finally come to their senses..." :XD:
I hope I can create something I'm more proud of next time... to have that win would be a much better reward than this I think. For better or worse, I'm increadibly grateful to be here. ^^
Thank you so much for the encouragement! Quite a few people have said that they think I'm taking this very well, I think to some part it's because I never felt like my entry belonged among the top anyways since my "vision" didn't turn out quite as I wanted. ^^; I wonder if you can ever be satisfied though... ^^
Kememmotar Dec 2, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*huggles* bummer about not making, but still!! Tokyo POP CONSIDERED YOU FOR THE TOP 15!! That is so awesome!! Man i need an autographed copy of somthing for future ebay..err.. future reverence!! I know a famous artist!!!!
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