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Submitted on
May 30, 2006


Finally it has started to sink in... I can't believe I won the CG category of the art contest!! :XD:
There were so many aweinspiring entries that I felt that my chances were growing slimmer by every moment.
A Wacom... intuous...A5...wide!! That's just too much!! *kyaaaa~~* And publication in ImagineFX along with a one year subscription. I sure earned back those £7 spent on entry. ;)
And here I wasn't even sure I'd be going until friday evening, I'm glad I did.
I feel a bit bad for not creating a piece of art particularily for this contest as I know most ppl did, but with exams around the corner I really wouldn't have had the time. ^^;

I didn't have much time to socialise this time around and I didn't know most of the ppl that were there, but next time I'm hoping to talk to some of the awesome artists whose entries I saw. I rarely get to talk to fellow manga artists so I would really like that. :heart:

Woooaa my first large scale expo! It was quite something! So many ppl and so many entertainment companies and retailers!

My only previous convention experience is Uppcon, and although there were plenty of ppl you just didn't have the same amount of coverage from the entertainment industry.
I arrived a bit late today so I missed most of the freebies but I did manage to get hold of a Naruto and a Eragon poster! :D

I think I liked the manga alley with the drawing table and the original manga creators Sweatdrop Studio the most. It's just rare to see so much creativity on display and that made me really happy. ^^

I finally got to see a KAKASHI COSPLAY!! He was even in anbu outfit! :love::love::love:
I even got a pic with him and his cool friend. Unfortunately the angle was a bit off and I got his Icha Icha book pointing up my nose.  :-O
There was a really good trigun cosplay as well and he made the best expression for the photo. :XD:

So exhausted from just a few hours at the expo, too many impressions I think.. ^__^

Exams start on Tuesday, I'll be in hell for three weeks forward, but I don't regret going today. I would've regretted not going. ^^

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Wildfire198 Jun 6, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
Congrats on the win ^_^ your pic is v.kool. Saw it on the Sweatdrop forums and just thought I'd come and say hi. Well done!!!

Cya God bless, oj ;p
LOL thank you and thanks for dropping by! :heart:

Which pic did you enter with?!

Thank you!! :heart:

An old pic, the one featured on my page, the easter witch. It's the best one I've done so far I think, I've really been slacking with my colouring... ^^;
Gabbi May 31, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
You won!? Congrats! :hug:
Sound so fun! I was at uppcon this year and I thought THAT was big ^^; haha
But we DID have a kakashi cosplay on uppcon! In the anbu outfit ;) Mohahaha!
LOL! That's all that matters ne~~ ;)
Uppcon is a bit different since it's a real convention with ppl sleeping over and all. Did you enter the drawing contest at uppcon this year?

I'm thinking about showcasing my pics at Konst i det Gröna in Luleĺ later this summer. Hopefully I'll be able to come home by then. ^^ I've been wanting to do it for some time but I missed the application date last year. Have you been to KidG?
Gabbi May 31, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Well I did enter the contest, but I kind of forgot that you could do the drawing at home, so I made a 1h pencildrawing AT UPPCON :XD: Of course I didn't win... but it was fun anyway.

I have also thought about that. Konst i det Gröna that is... But I don't think that my pictures have what it takes. And I have never been to a exhibition before so I don't have a clue on what to do ^^;
But if your going to be there I will come! :D
Lol you don't have to be the next da vinci to be able to participate! There are always 10 yr old kids showing the drawings they did in school there, it's just a fun thing to do I think.

I thought it'd be really interesting to add some anime art to the venue, I saw some last year by this one girl but it was very little and I'm excited about bringing in some more! :D

You don't do much I think. ^^; To be honest I think it might be quite boring to stick there for two days, but if ppl are interested in your art it might be fun. ^^
I've already applied for that weekend, but I don't know if I want to do it both of the days, if you want to try and showcase your art maybe we could do one day each and split the cost or smth. ^__^ Either that or share a "plank" ^^ I think that they're quite big and I probably can't fill mine up with my small A4 prints. ^^
Gabbi Jun 3, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
There acutally were some anime last time? :o Cool...

But I don't think I will show my art this year. First, I don't have much art to show. Second, it feels kind of stupid when my drawings isn't printed. They're just plain pen on paper.
But as I said, if your going I'm checking it out!! :D
Very very little tho, hardly hintable... XDD

Lol that's cool, I wonder if I should as my sister if she wants to join me then... just to relieve the boredom. She's only 9 tho... ^^;
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