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November 24, 2006


It's been out of the bag for a few days now but YESHHH!! I made it into the top 15 of the UK/Ireland Rising Stars of Manga!

When I got the email a few weeks ago I was almost falling out of my chair in shock! I had completely abandoned hope on my entry and felt the greatest relief when I sent it off knowing that I didn't have to look at it anymore.
There is much I wish I could've done better but I'm happy that I finished my first comic, hopefully this is just the beginning, I have much to learn! :nod:

All the RSOM finalists will be uploaded to the Tokyopop site for voting of the People's Choice Award in about a week's time but you can already have sneak peak of the shortlisted entries here (the ones posted by "rsom"):

It still feels a bit strange knowing that people can read my entry. I was working on it in my own solitude all summer and didn't even manage to find someone to proofread it before I sent it off (big mistake!).
Anyways, here it is:
Another Summer Day
Please have a look if you have a spare moment. It's my blood and sweat from this summer (quite litterarily actually, it was 32C hot in my room a few days). ^^;
I'm sorry if it's not showing up properly, it appears that TP are trying to modify the site for the people's choice voting...

Hihi on an interesting notice, Blondeyetti from my uni also made it into the top 15! Her entry is awesome, really touching! That's two engineering students from the same uni in the top 15! :XD:

RANT WARNING! --------------- :XD:
I really want to get started on my next manga project, I feel that there is so much I need to improve but uni is eating all my time. I wonder if I'm just bad at multitasking...
RSOM really has encouraged me to not give up drawing! I don't really mind if I don't get past the top 15, having come this far is a prize in itself, I certainly did not expect it!

As it is now I feel rather split about what to do. If I draw more my uni work will suffer. If I start falling behind now there's a good chance I won't pass exams. On the other hand I can resist thinking about projects I would like to draw and things I need to learn... But I can't afford to be so indecisive or I won't get anyhere at all, not uni work and not with manga either... TT__TT
I'll have to get a grip, I'm already falling behind with work... I guess I can't do anything about by current situation.
I'm not giving up hope to do both manga and work just yet though, I just need to find a way... ^^;
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autumndark Nov 29, 2006
Wouldn't expect anything less from you Nanna.. this is awesome news! Congrats!!! ^____________^ :heart: :hug:
TT^TT Sankyuu~~ :heart:
mr-darlington Nov 26, 2006
Congratulations...{goes to read it}...hmm...tokyopop site is down, just remember you're only at Uni for so long so do make the most of it. That being said, keep on drawing still :aww:
Kaylectra Nov 26, 2006  Student Digital Artist
wow well done! Good luck! =)
Zue Nov 26, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Congrats! I hope you make it to the finals! :hug:
Aww~~ sankyuu! :heart:
corpsecunt Nov 25, 2006
Oh, wow, how incredible! I can't say I'm not envious... I entered that contest last year and didn't get in. Always next time, though, right? Anyway, congratulations~! :heart:
Thank you! :heart:
Yess always next year, never give up!! :D
Nessmonster Nov 25, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Well done - it's a deserved placing!! Good luck with the voting..
Thank you! ^^ :heart:
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