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December 2, 2010


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Hey guys! Sorry this place is a bit of a grave yard, I'm still drawing, albeit trying some new things so there hasn't been a lot of finished artwork for a while. My blog is probably still the best place for updates.

I just wanted to swing by and let people know that I've donated a piece of original art for Comic Book Alliance's art auction.
It's the picture that can be seen on Letraset's Tria Manga Set. Original character design by BluSheepArt.

Check it out! [Link]

What you get is the 3 separate stages leading up to the final artwork, spread over five sheets of paper.
The pencil sketch was done on a sheet of A4 paper which was scanned in. I added legs in Photoshop and printed out the lines in light blue for inking. I split the drawing into two sheets so that detail wouldn't be lost in inking (I only had an A4 printer). The inked lines were then scanned in again a printed out with a laser printed for colouring.

The auction also has amazing originals from Fables, Tank Girl and Spider man... signed books by Alan Moore and much more. Support British comics and check out the other awesome stuff on offer! [Link]

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