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Submitted on
October 16, 2006


  • Mood: Excited
Okay here's my promised plug entry for the prints I'll be selling at London Expo 28-29 Oct, the weekend before Halloween. :D
Do drop by and say hi if you're going!! :nod:

Remembrance of Snow (Custom size from A5)
In a Distant Future (A4)
Fallen Angel (A4)
Bells (A4)
Dance for Me (A4)
Toshiro (A4)
Christmas Present (Custom size from A5)
Easter Witch (limited A3, A4) - Winner of the ImagineFX category, London Expo May 2006
Kakashi06 (A4)
NaruSasu Combo - Divided into two A3 (limited)/A4 prints

All prints are printed on high quality paper (160 gsm).

A3: £5
A4: £3
Custom size: £2


As I'm sure most of you know by now I'll be selling these Halloween themed bookmarks as well:…
Dimensions:~ 5 x 16cm
They are doublesided (each side is different), hand made and laminated by me. ^^ I'll try to get a picture up sometime next week... :D

Price: £1.50

A question though... What would you think if I were to punch a hole at the top of the bookmarks and tie a red ribbon? It won't affect the price.
Or should I do two versions maybe, one with and one without? How do you like your bookmarks?

{Update: Photos!}……
Two versions, one with a ribbon and one without, which one looks better? ;)

[PRE-ORDERS for London Expo]
I've had a few people express their interests in the bookmarks so I'm opening pre-orders for them now. ^^
If anyone would like to reserve a print or a bookmark, you can do that by replying to this journal.

Pre-ordering is free and just means that I'll put some items away for you. Payment and collection will all be at the Expo. However, If you don't get your pre-order by 12 noon on Sunday the 29th I'll put them out for standard sale (with exceptions for those who have a reason and lets me know beforehand).


I am also selling these prints and bookmarks online for those who are interested. I will ship worldwide but there is an additional shipping and handling fee.

Prints (+bookmarks): (includes price for non-bending envelope)
UK: £1
World: £2

Only Bookmarks:
UK: £0.50
World: £1

The prints are ready to ship but the bookmarks will not be done until end of next week. I can start sending them out on Oct 23rd, in time for Halloween. ^___^
Please contact me at nannali (spamfilter-at) gmail (dot) com if you would like to order.

I prefer Paypal but will take cash (at your own risk!).
I'll give more details in the email.

Waahhh I hope I covered everything now... :phew:
If you have more questions, reply to this journal or mail me at nannali (spamfilter-at) gmail (dot) com ^__^

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DDDX My computer was down for a while, and school ate my head.

Is there anyway I can still send you the money for bookmarks and prints, or are they all gone? D:

My mom doesn't trust PayPal, so she's not letting me use it, but I can send the money through the mail, or check out money orders or whatnot when I go to the post office tomorrow.

I'm so sorry >.<
I saw you! ^^
Hey, I was at the expo, but i didn't see u there T_T

It was great to meet you at the Expo, your art is awesome. I wish I'd asked you for a mini commission, they were so cute! I'm not sure what I'd have asked for though... ^.^'

My deviantart account is a little dead, but I'm watching you, for what it's worth. :D
Heya!! It was great to meet you too!
I read FreeZ when I got home yesterday and I really enjoyed it! It's like a mini poem! ^^ Last time I read it online I missed the background info but this time I read about the Christian correction camp and it gives the comic a deeper meaning. Great job! :nod:

I've been meaning to message you, but my internet back home broke over the weekend. Crummy wireless...
You forgot your black sweater by the tables. We found it as we were packing up. Since I stay in London I took care of it.
Will you be coming for IMAF? If not I could probably post it to you. I also have your cute "Oh look comics"-sign. :XD:
Nanna-chaaaan~ I can't come cos I've gotta go to my grandma's 90th birthday thing ;_; Would you please save me a bookmark or give it to K-Li and I'll pay next time I see you? Thank you~ :hug: :heart:
Aww~~ yeah no probs, have fun at your grandma's!! :hug:
Thanks ^_^ I will~

Come to more showings T_T :hug:
Can't wait for the Expo!

I'd love to purchase some of those bookmarks! |D They're absolutely gorgeous... Do I make a preorder here? o:

Love the ribbon one and the designs! X3 One of each? 8DDD
Thank you! I'll write down your preorder under "Ally-Chan" :D
These are doublesided so you actually only need one in order to get the girl and the boy. Is one alright?
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