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Submitted on
November 20, 2007


Tokyopop has just announced their 16 finalists for RSOM UK 3. I'm really happy to have made it among them this year! :D

One of the reason this gallery has been so poorly updated this summer is because I've spent all my time drawing comics for various competition, one of which is this one. Even though I can't post the full comic here you can read my entry called 'T Times', along with the other 15 finalist entries on Tokyopop's site now. :D Feel free to throw me some feedback/thoughts in general on it.

You can vote for the entry you think should get the People's Choice award on TP's site. You need to have a TP account to be able to read the entire stories but I don't think you do in order to vote. Still, it's probably a good idea to read the full entries before voting though. ^^
I think it goes without saying that you should vote for the entry you enjoyed the most, although the quality is very impressive this year so it will probably be a difficult choice. ^^

The 16 finalists are:
Michael Kacar (kriffix): Innocent Until Proven
Gillian Sein Ying Ha (paladinknight): Plum Blossom and the Moon
Faye Yong : The Way We Were
Hayden Scott Baron :  Two for Joy
Laura Watton : Until Death Do Us Party
Rachel Saunders (Barukurii): Parasites
Yue Guan (cuti1318): Alone
Gwen Kortsen and Angela Wraight: Circuit Breaker
Karen Lusted (Kairi-Moon): Yin and Yang
Katherine Holden (darthmongoose): Fell
Vincent Chan : Changes
Sally Jane Thompson… : Alice Fogarty Hates Small Towns
Donna Pesani and Ing Hoang… : First Train
Comrie Stirling: No Pain, No Ghayna!
Nadine Wilkinson (tailschao) : 13 Shards
Me: T Times

The voting is available until the 30th of November after which I'm guessing that the winners will be announced pretty soon. Very exciting stuff! :D

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soyaMILKu Nov 25, 2007  Student Digital Artist
congratulations on making it to the finalistttsss!!! It's a huge achievement! You should feel super proud!!<3 hehe
I feel kinda bad because I misunderstood the voting system! >_<!! I thought we could vote three times (for some odd reason!) So I already made my vote, realising you can only vote once! though if it helps, your entry was gonna be one of three votes T__T;; *feels like a dofus*

I'm sure you'll do well nonetheless, the art quality is really top notch and I love the cute sense of humour! I can feel the strong London/UK vibe, bring originality into your work! <3
From the first page alone I felt drawn into the whole story! Both characters are super cute and the story is really heart warming! ahaha, i feel so inspired to move my lazy butt and draw now!

Rule #1: Never walk around London without an umbrella!
ahahah DAMN RIGHT!! O__O!!! ahaha, I always carry two umbrellas in my bag, one to beat people with in case of self defence... *cough* and another for sheltering!! *__*b
LOL don't worry about it, there were so many well deserving entries this year! ^^ Thank you!! :heart:
Haha I never carry an umbrella with me... I don't know where that selfmade rule came from but it could go for anywhere in the UK I reckon. ^^
congrats again fuurin! You better win, bcos I seriously going to start to complain to Tokyopop if you don't this year, they owe you a BIG time for last year!!
Best of luck!! :hug:
LoL I'm doing my best not to think too much about it right now, as I'm sure everyone else is as well, otherwise the 2 weeks will just be unbearable. :D
Best of luck to you as well! :heart:
thank you :heart:
lol, Not sure about others but I am hardly thinking about it (except that I can't wait to congratulate all of you winners!^__<;)!
Oh nice~ Can stalk all the entrants now~! *v*
OMG *spams you with good luck and love*

I really hope you get into the top 3, you deserve it so much, with your uber cute story and amazing art! Good luck again! :'D
LOL *spams back* XD
Gahh don't want to think about it... XD I have my own favourites and yours is one of them. Your entry looked simply gorgeous! Your anatomy and mammoth drawing skill is so impressive! :eyespopping:
I know what you mean... I end up fretting about it when I should be working... XD
Thank you again~ I practiced so much at drawing mammoths I think they'll be invading my nightmares 8D;;;

(p.s I voted for you! *sneaks away*
uwa, congrats!! its a great story!! i hope you win, good luck!!!
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